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How to Press Hair with Olive Oil

Since the ancient times, olive oil has been known to offer plenty of health benefits either as cooking ingredient or cosmetic. Many modern women even incorporate the essential oil into their hair treatment routines for example hair pressing. Applying olive oil to the hair before pressing may help to quicken the process and make your curly hair turn into beautifully straight hair as well. To do this treatment, follow the instructions below.

1. Preparation

Before you start the hair pressing, please prepare everything you will need including shampoo, extra virgin olive oil, conditioner, pressing comb, wide tooth comb, hair clips, and hair dryer. Everything is available in any supermarket, and you can find extra virgin olive oil in health food store so it should be easy for you to find them.

2. Clean your hair

Clean your hair as usual using a moisturizing shampoo. To make sure that your scalp and hair are perfectly clean, you may want to shampoo and rinse twice before applying hair conditioner. Use wide tooth comb to help you to apply the conditioner. Leave it for about 10 minutes and rinse your hair once again.

3. Apply the oil

Dry your hair with a towel and apply the extra virgin olive oil (see 5 types of olive oils). Fine or thin hair may only need two drop of olive oil, but you will need up to five drops of it if you have thick coarse hair. Simply pour some drops of the oil to your hand and apply distribute it as evenly as you can to cover the entire hair.

4. Use the hair clip

To get better control while pressing, divide your hair into four sections. Twist each section so you can secure it with a hair clip easily. Now use your hair dryer and make sure you get each section including your scalp completely dry.

5. Pressing comb

Before using the pressing comb, make sure you heat it up properly to reach medium setting. Some pressing combs offer multiple heat settings, but you should not use maximum temperature for this purpose. If you don’t use an electric comb, you can heat it up on stove top burner. Before applying, test the heat on a paper towel. If you see any sign or burning, the comb is too hot that you need to wait a little longer.

7. Start pressing

Take a thin section of your hair and hold it with one hand. Run your pressing comb through the section in a way that the back-part of the comb presses the hair. To use the tool properly, please follow the manufacturer’s manual instruction. Continue pressing until all parts of the hair are completely done. The combination of heat and nutrients from olive oil will make your hair straight and shiny after the treatment.