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How to Make Olive Oil

Olive oil has several benefits for health, skin care, and hair treatment. The oil is also easy to extract, because there is no chemical substances or other ingredients involved in the pressing method. You can do this at your home by either applying the traditional method or using home oil press tool.
1. Using Home Oil Press

For this extraction method, you will need 5 kg of ripe olives (it will produce 1 liter of oil), a small-sized olive oil press tool, amber-colored bottles, and funnel. To start the process, you need to make sure that all leaves and twigs are all taken away from the fruits. Now you need to put the olive fruits into the oil press tool.

As you operate the tool, oil will be collected in the bucket. If there is not bucket attached to the tool, you have to prepare it as well before you start extracting. Once the extraction is done, pour the collected oil into the bottle through a funnel. Keep the bottle in cool place away from direct sunlight.

As previously stated, 5 kg of olive fruits should only produce 1 liter of olive oil. You can add more fruits to produce more oil. This is probably the best extraction method you can do at home. It requires less labor and the extraction result is not altered by high temperature during extraction.
2. Using Traditional Method

Traditional extraction method of olive oil involves more procedures, and it is indeed more difficult. You will need to prepare millstones, considerable amount of olive fruits (40 pounds of olive will produce 1 gallon of oil), circular mat, plastic drum, siphon tube, towel, funnel, dark bottles, and cork. Before you start, make sure you take away the twigs and leaves from the olive fruits. You also need to wash the olives to remove dirt.

Use the millstones or any other mechanical pressing tool to obtain paste of olives. You do not need to take the pits from the olives before pressing. Spread the obtained paste over the circular mat and press it. At this point, a mixture of olive oil and water will flow out of the paste. The residue of this extraction method is called pomace.

To separate the water from the oil, you need to pour the extraction result into a plastic drum and leave it for approximately 2 hours. Due to density difference, the water will separate itself from the oil naturally. After two hours, use your siphon tube to transfer the oil into another container.

Your Olive oil is basically ready to use by now. You may want to pour it once again into some bottles for easier storage. Keep it in a cool dark place and away from direct exposures to sunlight.