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How to Make Olive Oil

Olive oil has several benefits for health, skin care, and hair treatment. The oil is also easy to extract, because there is no chemical substances or other ingredients involved in the pressing method. You can do this at your home by either applying the traditional method or using home oil press tool.
1. Using Home Oil Press

6 Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is not only for external/topical treatment for skin, hair, and scalp, but you can also digest, consume, or drink it normally. It is a monounsaturated oil or healthy fat for heart. In fact, due to its cardiovascular benefits, the oil is a major ingredient in Mediterranean diet. Other great health benefits of olive oil are as follows.

1. Reduces inflammation

5 Types of Olive Oils You Should Know

For many reasons, olive oil is good for your health. It improves digestive system, prevents cancer, reduces inflammation, and moisturizes hair, etc. However, you need to know that specific types of olive do specific functions. Before you rush to the market to grab a bottle of the oil, you should know about these types.

1. Olive Lite Oil

How to Make Olive Oil Hair Mask

As you know, olive oil is not only for culinary purposes, but it can be useful as cosmetic too especially for hair mask. As the name suggests, olive oil is acquired by pressing olive fruits. However, it is recommended to use only extra-virgin olive oil for cooking, because the manufacturing process does not involve chemical substance. For hair mask, any olive oil will do. To make your own olive oil hair mask, follow these instructions.


How to Press Hair with Olive Oil

Since the ancient times, olive oil has been known to offer plenty of health benefits either as cooking ingredient or cosmetic. Many modern women even incorporate the essential oil into their hair treatment routines for example hair pressing. Applying olive oil to the hair before pressing may help to quicken the process and make your curly hair turn into beautifully straight hair as well. To do this treatment, follow the instructions below.

1. Preparation

Olive Oil for Hair: Benefits, Reviews, and Using Guide

Similar to most essential oils available from the nature, olive oil is a mighty substance containing just enough nutrients to nurture your overall health and good-looking. While some people mainly use the oil for cooking, there are some worth mentioning benefits of olive oil for hair as listed in the following passages.

1. Prevents Hair Loss

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